Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG is a Specialist Engineering Company offering comprehensive consultancy services for windows, curtain walls and associated external metal cladding and glazed roofing concepts and systems including advising on building physics of the external envelope. The company was founded in the year of 1988 and is situated in M√ľnchenstein close to Basel in Switzerland.


Our team consisting of 21 Specialist Engineers and Consultants with extensive national and international experience would be pleased to assist you with the design and development of the external envelope of your new building project or refurbishment and provide you with corresponding professional advisory services. The close interdisciplinary teamwork and intensive communication within the group results in Client oriented project solutions. Achieving functionality and economy in combination with high quality is our strength.

The employees of Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG are member of various professional associations, such as SZFF and SIA (Switzerland) and UBF (Germany)